"The experiential learning centers support the students’ participation in reflective learning which is incorporated in the International Board Curriculum of Jain Labschool."


A well-balanced International Board Curriculum which lays emphasis on the holistic development of your child where they not only gain expertise in the subjects but will also be able to apply and understand its significance in day-to-day life whilst garnering compassion and empathy to the environment and people around them. Jain Labschool is the next big innovation in education in Bangalore which aims to achieve this with both Academic and Age-specific fitness-agility programs are offered throughout their school year. Children are exposed to outdoor wilderness settings and artificial adventure formats, such as challenge courses, climbing walls, and urban adventure experiences. Apart from learning the details of various games and sports, children develop stamina, endurance, and the spirit of sportsmanship. Jain Labschool has smart learning studios equipped with new-age digital education solutions integrating rich media technology and communication technology. Students engage, explore, and learn in well-ventilated, safe and collaborative learning spaces like the design, and innovation lab, STEAM, Community Center & Permaculture Center, Entrepreneurship Hub, and more.

Domestic Arts Center

Students through early years are introduced to domestic arts, science, and management. Being a dynamic center, it provides students with an opportunity to get acquainted with hands-on skills and knowledge for better living. Major offerings include domestic art and culture, organization and management, food art and science, and, household
mechanics and economics.

Community Center & Permaculture Center

Wellbeing and community care programs support in instilling the principles of inclusion, integrity, and empathy in students. Students are involved in projects and engagements around the school community. The permaculture center offers outdoor, blended and hands-on exposure to concepts of sustainability and permaculture, built on the three core tenets of Care for the earth, Care for the people and Fair share.

Entrepreneurship Hub

Entrepreneurial skills and the outlook of entrepreneurship are growing more important every day and are already nearly indispensable in the new, fluid, creative economy. Entrepreneurship students tend to be motivated, creative and tenacious. Important lessons of entrepreneurship can be learned early. And learning about entrepreneurship early by having it in the school curriculum can have major life-long benefits including self-sufficiency, resiliency and creative problem-solving.

Arts Studio

Our visual arts program is designed to provide students with the foundational and advanced skills necessary to pursue art. In fact, our program will meet the varied needs of children who love to draw, paint, sketch, design, photograph or build. The Fine Arts Studio is designed with facilities to develop perceptual abilities in children through art and craft. The rich environment of the Performing Arts Studio provides children with the opportunity to explore a world of vivacity, as well as express a view of the world as they see it.

Design and Innovation Lab

Jain Labschool embraces design thinking and the maker education movement as a dynamic way of teaching and learning. Robotics and electronics are two facets of the maker movement (electronics explores using electronic circuits, while robotics combines circuits, movement and sometimes software to create a machine or robot) incorporated into the CBSE syllabus making Jain Labschool the best school in Bangalore. Makers have access to a wide range of tools, equipment, and resources to help their creative imagination. Along with helping the children understand how things work, experimenting with robotics and electronics helps kids develop problem-solving skills and creativity. Students who learn how to plan and build structures and projects can continue to apply these concepts as they’re exposed to more complex ideas in both higher education and the mainstream. Robotics projects can also reinforce literacy skills, as children research and record their robotics experiments.

Maker’s Lab

At Jain Labschool we embrace design thinking and the maker education movement as a dynamic way of teaching and learning. Our innovation lab is a ‘maker space’ where the students can learn, collaborate, design, and build nearly anything. Problem-solving, tinkering, and prototyping offers students the opportunities to take risks, struggle, practice resiliency, try again and feel successful. Makers have access to a wide range of tools, equipment, and resources to help their imaginations run wild. Engineering, technology, science, art, and math are all on display to encourage a space where students can gain skills and inspiration from each other as well as teachers.

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