"Facilities which support reflective classrooms ensuring the students’ participation in experiential learning which is incorporated in the International Board Curriculum of Jain Labschool."

Innovative Smart Learning Studios

Jain Labschool is a co-educational day boarding school with smart learning studios equipped with new-age digital education solutions integrating rich media technology and communication technology. Students engage, explore, and learn in well-ventilated, safe and collaborative learning spaces.

The Learning Studios aim to bring the best of comprehensive technology to provide an engaging student-centric teaching-learning environment in the classroom.


The Library is the center for independent learning and for developing research skills both efficiently and effectively. It provides a studious, stimulating environment for the students and plays an important part in encouraging and supporting them in their independent study and research enabling them to take up the responsibility of their own education.Supported by a team of highly qualified librarians and researchers, the students will have access to a broad spectrum of materials ranging from encyclopedia, journals, magazines, autobiographies, manuscripts to storybooks, novels, bestsellers, and classics to support them both academically and for pleasure reading, and learning as to use a range of library resources.

Computer Lab

The hi-tech computer labs are equipped with energy-efficient computers that are easy on the eye having a wider screen with color support, strong contrast ratio, high resolution, and fast refresh rate. The state of the art lab offers uninterrupted power supply, internet access, comfortable and conducive environment for the creative and design process. One to one access to computers ensures that every child has an opportunity for specialized computer literacy.

Integrated Science Lab

With impetus on enquiry, critical thinking, scientific investigation and problem-solving, this interdisciplinary facility covers Physical and Life sciences, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computing.

It is energy efficient, built on stringent health & safety requirements and equipped with centralized safety features. The labs are fully equipped as per the guidelines laid by the CBSE board.

Math Lab

The Math lab is equipped with appropriate material to help children develop metacognitive abilities. Children explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities, using different materials. The abstract nature of mathematics is explained and handled through demonstration, practical methods and related discussion.

Security & Child-safety

The overall infrastructure of CBSE Jain Labschool located in Bangalore ensuring child-safety has been constructed using the latest child-friendly technology. The security is further enhanced with closed-circuit television (CCTV) in the campus as a positive measure.

The access to school is closely monitored and entry is allowed after thorough verification from the security personnel.

Well-resourced Infirmary

The well-being of learners is of great importance for us. The school infirmary is well-equipped with essentials and facilities to address the health needs of learners while in school. An on-site qualified doctor and a trained nurse are available to manage and assess any health issues that may arise during school hours. With a six bed capacity, the infirmary is hygienically maintained, confirming our belief of wellness of mind, body, and soul.

Congregation Centers

The co-educational and day boarding Jain Labschool has an avant-garde amphitheater along with seminar halls, display/exhibition hall, and a sophisticated auditorium with the best of the facilities to meet the cultural and educational requirements of the students.

Sports Arena

Jain Labschool lays special emphasis on physical education and physical fitness. Apart from learning the details of various games, physical education, and sports, the students develop stamina and endurance that are necessary for active life, citizenry, and sportsmanship. We have a multi-sport arena comprising an indoor stadium, football stadium, athletic tracks, synthetic tennis court, table tennis, badminton court, volleyball court, basketball court, skating rink*, aquatic center, shooting range for target practice*, cricket practice pitches, fitness center, and artificial adventure turf.(Work-in-progress*)

Ultramodern Refectory

The state-of-the-art kitchen and ultramodern refectory catering to the overall balanced dietary requirement of the students. The entire management of the dining is standardized around the best global practices from pre-washing of supplies, storage to preparation and delivery. The weekly food menu is framed by an expert nutritionist with the aid of a software-based menu management system to facilitate balanced nutrition.

Child-safe Play Area

The indoor and outdoor play area for 'Early Years' provides crucial and vital opportunities for children to play. The objective is to develop the child’s creativity, imagination, dexterity, social, emotional, motor, and cognitive skills. In fact, there is an extensive research showing a clear link between play and the growth and progress of a child.

Extended Day Care Facility

Our daycare facility aims to promote a positive and healthy environment for the children. Alongside daycare, the parents can also choose the After School Program which encourages the children to be more social, confident, and eager to use their imagination and creativity to excel.

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