"A school where children feel safe to learn by taking risks and making mistakes. Where children ‘learn by doing’ to become lifelong learners."

Labschool the common grounds for academic excellence and all-round development of your child

Little Rahul turned three and his parents have left no stone unturned in finding the top school located in Bangalore. His parents read countless reviews and actively participate in the discussions on the many online parent forums to determine the best curriculum offered in the top day boarding school. They are not alone in their quest for the best school for their child.

Parents today look for far more than academic excellence for their children. They are very keen on the overall development of the child. Right from the holistic development and academic progress to acquiring positive qualities like empathy, compassion, self-confidence. And the ability to analyze and apply creative and critical thinking skills to problem-solving in the early years of education is what the new-age parents look for. All of this and a lot more sums up the curriculum offered by the innovative Labschools which are a globally accepted and well-established trend and soon rising in popularity in India as well. In fact, an increasing number of modern Indian parents are very keen on choosing the best Labschool for their children. They are well aware of the numerous advantages the Labschool offers that prepares the child for life with a sturdy foundation in education.

Why parents choose Labschools for their children?

Labschools offer an enhanced and personalized education which goes beyond regular school with an equal emphasis on an innovative curriculum that involves programs and learning methods that aim to:

  • 1. Instill entrepreneurship and leadership qualities in children
  • 2. Enhance their self-confidence in problem-solving using their creatic and critical thinking skills
  • 3. Promote positivity in children by encouraging them to be compassionate, committed, socially responsible with a strong sense of receptiveness, self-reliance, independence, and self-regulation
  • 4. To eradicate the fear of schools and making them active centers of learning where every child is eager to learn driven by their own curiosity
  • 5. Enable the students to take up the responsibility of their own education with personalized learning projects
  • 6. Allow the children to ‘learn by doing,’ and experiences and applying them in creative problem-solving

Learn the finer advantages of Labschools in Bangalore What makes a Labschool different from other schools? aimed towards the all-round development of children.

Labschool – the secret of making your child a goal setter and top achiever

Traditional learning involves the students waiting for instructions and lessons from the teacher where they are completely dependent on the latter. In Labschools the students take up the responsibility of their own education and play an equal role in the interactive learning facilitated by the teacher termed as an educator in such schools. The teachers of Labschools are professionally trained to take up the responsibility of a guide, mentor, tutor, researcher, designer, and a lot more. The role of an educator is to make the students responsive in lieu of traditional teaching where the students react in contrast to responding. They nurture the curiosity of the students allowing them to be the constructors of knowledge. The students are encouraged to take risks and make mistakes while learning which instill self-confidence and resilience in them. These are the qualities which lay the foundation for the top achievers, entrepreneurs, and the leaders of tomorrow. The students participate in the learning projects and learn the importance of teambuilding.

The general classrooms are supplemented to smart learning or enrichment centers where the students participate in reflective learning. This allows “Learning by Doing” or experiential learning rather than rote learning empowering the student to apply it in his/her everyday life and environmental crises.
Hands-on experience will give you the benefits of learning by doing.

Labschools are the basic foundation of transforming your children into highly responsible individuals with strong moral values of self-esteem, social responsibility, and compassion. The Labschool equips your child to analyze problems, apply their creativity and critical thinking skills in problem-solving. Every day poses a new challenge providing an opportunity for your children to excel. The ability to set goals and achieve the same becomes a commonly-mastered task shaping them into individuals who can face challenges, and achieve their goals and ambitions in the mainstream.

Academics made interesting with the change-maker curriculum at the Jain Labschool

Edu: renewed is the underlying ideology of the Jain Labschool that defines it to be the nerve center of active, experiential learning. The change-maker curriculum of the Jain Labschool is designed to cover those aspects of school education which are not imparted in traditional schooling. After vigorous research pertaining to contemporary research, the curriculum was tailored to make the students of the Jain Labschool innovative, creative, independent learners with enhanced self-confidence and mindfulness to tackle problems by applying their creative and critical thinking abilities. The students of the Jain Labschool alongside excelling in their academics will also grow to be socially responsible individuals with acquired entrepreneurship skills. The students of Labschool will experience an easy transition into the mainstream where they are unafraid to face the workplace challenges and to achieve their goals in competitive domains.

Conclusion: When looking out for all-round development of the child with a well-balanced academic and curriculum programs, the preferred type of school is the Labschool. In fact, the increasing popularity of the concept of Labschools is driving some of the major names in the education sector to initiate the concept. They are coming up with varied ideas to bring out the best combination of progressive education, experiential and reflective learning.

JAIN LABSCHOOLis a co-educational day boarding school in Sarjapur, Bangalore affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education. It is believed to be one of the major game-changers in quality education initiated by the trusted name JGI Group which has close to three decades of experience in the field of education. For more information, visit, sjr.jainlabschool.in

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